Myrcene – An Incredibly Powerful Cannabis Terpene available in bulk

With the growing requests of making recreational and medial marijuana legal, there have been a lot of studies about its benefits for your health. These medical breakthroughs already proved its various healing properties. And chemists are convinced that these benefits will greatly help everyone with a lot of their health problems.

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Terpene molecules are abundant in a marijuana plant. But Myrcene is a monoterpene that will amaze you with its characteristics and uses. This kind of terpene is the most common molecule that you’ll find in cannabis. There are several kinds of terpenes, but this one definitely deserves to be tried out.

Myrcene has an aroma that proves unique. It produces a balsamic, earthy, spicy and clove-like smell. And it will make any herb in your house smell like dirt. And because it is the most abundant terpene in cannabis, it comprises 50% of terpene’s volume in this plant.

According to a study made at the University of Jordan, Myrcene is a good fighter for diabetic symptoms if used together with another terpene, which is Thujone. This study was followed by another one made by GW Pharmaceuticals that analyzed if this terpene is a good pain reliever. The study showed that it is in fact very effective just like opium but without the latter’s addictive effect.

Some studies also showed that Myrcene will help you sleep more peacefully if you use it with a high dosage. There are also a variety of combinations that can be used with Myrcene to help with certain conditions. An example is using this terpene with a CBD will lead to a decrease in inflammation, pain, or even fight cancer.

If you combine myrcene with a THC, the mixture can be used to reduce pain, relax your muscles, or as a hypnotic sedative if you use it in high doses. Meanwhile, combining it with a CBG cannabinoid will give you a powerful solution in fighting cancer.

Myrcene is not only found in a marijuana plant. Mango fruit, bay leaves, hops, lemongrass, and eucalyptus are just some of the sorts of plants that contain this monoterpene. According to an urban legend, consuming mangoes before smoking the herb will level up its psychoactive effect.

This urban legend has been proven to be true because of the presence of myrcene in mangoes that improves the effect of THC molecules to specific brain receptors. If you eat mango 45 minutes before your smoking session, it will give you a better pot experience.

Since myrcene is the most common terpene in marijuana plants, its properties and benefits should be addressed to be known by more people. Learning all about this helpful molecule is going to give you an idea how to use its properties to your advantage.

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